First City Fishing Charters FAQs

Can we book for children?

Absolutely! First City Fishing Charters lovse to take families with kids. Helping young kids get their first (or biggest) fish is a highlight for us! We take the safest precautions available to protect everyone. Keep in mind that Captain Zach is a full time EMT / Paramedic for the city fire department and is well equipped to keep everyone safe.

Should we take motion sickness medication?

Yes, we highly recommend taking some sort of motion sickness medication just in case you might get seasick. On the night before, at bedtime and one more first thing in the morning. Do not eat a heavy or greasy breakfast. Sea sickness will ruin your trip and turn a fun day into a miserable experience!

What will we fish for?

We typically target whatever species are in the area at that time. Many species are seasonal keep in mind.

Will we always catch fish?

We have full confidence in our ability to find the fish, however some days weather conditions, sea conditions, and downright bad luck can play a part in the days catch. Although it is very uncommon, it is possible that the fish just won’t bite. We always do whatever we can to ensure you catch plenty of fish! Hey - we want your photo on our website!

What if the weather gets bad?

Weather plays a major factor in fishing, especially here in Florida. Trips may be postponed or cancelled at the Captain's discretion for inclement and unsafe weather. Our customers safety is our number one priority and there is no reason to risk life or limb to catch any fish. Often if the Atlantic is too rough to fish, the inshore fishing here in St. Augustine gives us many opportunities at trophy fish.

Can we drink alcohol while fishing?

Yes, but be advised if you have a bit much to drink you can make it unsafe for yourself or others on the trip. Please enjoy responsibly and don’t drink and drive when we return to port. In addition, no glass containers please.

Do I have to have a fishing license?

Fishing Licenses, bait, tackle and water are all provided for the trip.

Should we bring food?

Yes! If you plan on eating or wanting a snack, by all means bring any food you would like.

Should we bring our own coolers?

No. Just bring a bag for your food and drink. We'll stow it away on ice for you.

Will you clean our fish for us?

Yes, we will clean all of your fish and bag the filets up in zip-loc bags when we return to port. Keep in mind that a full box of fish can sometimes take over an hour to properly clean.

Do We Need To Tip?

Tips are always greatly appreciated but never required!

Anything else we need to know?

NO BANANAS! Really, no bananas.

Book your St. Augustine inshore or offshore fishing trip today! All ages welcome!